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Nanny Care

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Nanny Care Growing up milk - 900g

Fortified with iron, calcium and vitamins, Nanny Care Growing Up Milk is the perfect alternative to both breast milk and dairy products to keep your children nourished as they grow – and the only goats milk product supported by clinical trials on the market.

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Nanny Care First Infant Milk - 900g

Nutritious, effective and delicious baby milk - Ideal if your little one suffers from milk related intolerances, colic, reflux or Eczema.

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Nanny Care First Infant Milk - 400g

The most soothing, nurturing milk to keep your toddlers strong and healthy – no matter how sensitive or intolerant they are to dairy produce or prone to other illnesses (colic, reflux or eczema).

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Nanny Care Goat Growing Up Milk - 400g

Nanny Care Growing Up Milk provides your infant with a healthy, vitamin-fortified source of nutrition – particularly suitable for those with sensitive tummies, an intolerance to dairy/soy, or issues such as colic, reflux, or eczema.

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